Looking for a reason to book with D&M DJ Service?

Beside the fact that we are a professional, experienced, licensed and insured DJ company, what other qualities are you looking for in a good DJ? Is it price alone? Or are you looking for someone who will make your visions of a wonderful day come to life? Be sure to check our website out or call and we will be glad to explain what we have to offer. Still not sure if you are ready to book? We will even schedule a personal consultation where you can meet with us to talk about your big day.

Just recently we had a personal consultation with a couple so they could meet and discuss their upcoming wedding. By the end of the consultation, they decided to book us on the spot. I decided to ask her what made her decide to book with us. The answer was quite flattering. She told us that she felt very comfortable talking with us. She felt at ease and felt like we were so personable besides all the other important parts. She also liked the fact that we were willing to give her suggestions on other vendors and different ideas of things she could incorporate into their reception.

It was a great consultation and makes us feel blessed that our clients feel this way about our service. Call us today for your consultation.

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